1. The Word of God should take center stage and hold pre-eminence in your marriage.  It has been the unshakeable foundation of my marriage.  It is the Sword of the Spirit.  The weapon God will use to fight your battles.
  2. Wives, prayer is the fool proof way to learn submission.  When you submit to God, He teaches you to submit to your husband.  I learnt to submit through prayer.
  3. I am a woman under authority, Fully submitted to my husband!
  4. When worried and unsure about your husband’s decisions and their impact on your family. PRAY MY SISTER!  DON’T NAG! I testify it has worked for me!
  5. Don’t let anyone beguile you, spiritual bondage and principalities cannot be overcome by cooking better, spruce cleaning or improved looks. SPIRITUAL WARFARE is the ANSWER!! The weapons of our warfare are not canal but mighty through God!

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