Sandra Musimenta Testimonial

One ordinary day in 2006, an exhausted, pregnant teenager at the verge of committing suicide, trekked down the hill that led to the Girl power offices (Rubaga) to find help. I was ushered into the presence of an elegant lady I later learnt was Pastor Jessica. As I poured out my heart, she looked with compassion on as I tried so hard not to cry. Suddenly she looked deep into my eyes and said “you are so beautiful “.That for me is a moment I will never forget. Suddenly, I felt alive again.

Pastor Jessica and I have since bonded like mother and daughter; she nursed me until the arrival of baby Jessica, and has watched me blossom. As a young wife, I have learnt from the very best. Happy 25th Anniversary my beloved Pastors.  We celebrate your union and the love you have shared with the world that transcends human understanding.

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