Empowering women holistically

Women were uniquely fashioned by God to play a complementary rather than a competitive role alongside men to achieve the greater good of society.

Transforming lives

Pastor Jessica lends her ear and voice to the plight of homeless orphans, street children, commercial sex workers, female prison inmates, to victims of rape and domestic violence.

Featured Projects

Professional Women’s Forum

The first ever Professional Women’s forum in 2016, with more than five thousand women in attendance with the following objectives : ⦁ To offer professional Women a platform to sharpen and improve their skills. ⦁ To trained Women on how to improve their levels of professionalism and service delivery to the Nation. ⦁ To provide advisory services and practical professional…

The Deborah Generation

In July 2019, the Deborah Generation, an arm of the ministry that reaches out to wives of Bishops, Apostles, Pastors and Ministers, as well as Women Ministers was launched.

Girl Power Institute

Attending to the plight of homeless orphans, street children, commercial sex workers, female prison inmates, victims of rape and domestic violence through Kapeeka orphanage and Never Again rehabilitation homes and is currently constructing the Girl Power Institute that will provide a home and skills training for over 1000 vulnerable girls.

Mass Weddings

The sanctification of marriages of more than 4000 couples through the ongoing Mass weddings that have taken place during the 77 Days of Glory. During these events, the brides and groomsmen are prepared, dressed and provided a free reception.

The Skilling Project

At the heart of Girl Power Ministries vision is the unquenchable passion to equip and empower the vulnerable persons holistically so as to strengthen homes and families. Girl Power Skilling Project was birthed out of this desire. Girl Power recognizes that at the heart of marital conflict, strife and discord is poverty and the strain lack places on families. The…

Women’s Prayer Clinic

A weekly women’s Prayer Clinic every Saturday morning that has been termed as a “Women’s War Zone”. This prayer clinic is focused on intercession and warfare for marriages and families.